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Cost of Black Market Pot Higher Than You Think

Sure, it’s easy and inexpensive to grow with pesticides, but at what cost to your health?

“…pretty much all of the marijuana in the United States is drenched in harmful chemicals. There’s no good way to quantify the problem, because the majority of weed is still sold by drug dealers, and no one has done studies on what smoking or vaping these substances can do to you. But let’s just say that if you like pot, you have absolutely exposed yourself to chemicals that can damage your central nervous system, mess with your hormones and give you cancer. There are toxicants in our vape pens, in our fancy prepackaged edibles and in the soil and water near many marijuana farms.”

Rolling Stone Inside the Weird and Wild Crusade for Clean Pot

KNOW your source is growing the cannabis themselves, chemical free.

DON’T buy mainland black market products.

TRUST Green Aloha’s products are 3rd party tested and free of harmful chemicals.

Be Safe. Buy local.

Get a Card

There are 2 types of Hawaii MMJ 329 cards.

For lost 329 cards, replacements or changes, please follow these DOH instructions.

Clean Meds

We're proud the State of Hawaii requires some of the strictest testing in the Nation – so your medicine is clean. Green Aloha selects strains that are known to grow well in Hawaii's humid climate.

Learn more about our locally grown Kauai cannabis. Available exclusively at the Green Aloha +Dispensary in Kapaa.

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