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Sunset Sherbert

An indica-leaning hybrid with potent effects. Ancestors include OG Kush. Sherbert exhibits powerful full-body effects elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy (Leafly review).

Get a Card

Follow these instructions to get a Hawaii Cannabis 329 card.

For lost 329 cards, replacements or changes, please follow these DOH instructions.

Clean Meds

We're proud the State of Hawaii requires some of the strictest testing in the Nation – so your medicine is clean. Green Aloha selects strains that are known to grow well in Hawaii's humid climate.

Learn more about our locally grown Kauai cannabis. Available exclusively at Have a Heart in Kapaa.

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Sugar leaf is back on Have a Heart store shelves now!

Prior to cooking, cannabis should be decarboxylated (instructions), and make sure to properly dose your edibles using a cannabis dosage calculator.

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